Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What was life like during the Hundred Years' War?

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Life during the Hundred Years' War was not the best because a lot of people wanted to be the king of France. But the two main countries that fought over France were the French and English. During the war many English and French knight were killed. In the a battle during the Hundred Years' War the French had led the attack on the English and the wooded sticks in the ground had protected the English. More French soldiers were killed than English soldiers. How does this happen when the French lead the attack on  the English???? The English soldiers must have been well prepared. But back to life during the war.

Most people were scared to go outside because they did not want to get involved in the war. They were afraid that they would lose their land. A lot of people actually did lose their land during the Hundred Years' War. I can see why people would be scared to go outside. I would be scared to go outside to if I was about to lose my home and land to the soldiers. But the war finally ended in the 14th century and then their was peace between the two countries.

                                           This picture might be  what some of the land looked 
                                      like during the 14th century. But not farm land, land around a castle.

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